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we're talking some thirty thousand all private according to clinton she did provide a detailed and meticulous explanation of how she picked which e-mails to delete how and who exactly wiped her server that potentially stored top state secrets except clinton did none of that instead she felt like joking about it to do what the surface like with a cloth or something that well no you do i don't know how it works digitally at all . it's because you know wipe has two meanings delete or cleaning of the wine stain from last week and it's funny because it's called ever but ok now that you're all done laughing hundreds of newly revealed f.b.i. documents shed light on how that server was wiped a company called plot river networks did all the dirty works and these conversations between two of its employees leave no questions as to why they think
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they did it it's all part of the hill recover our poor peroration i'll have to tell you about it of the party. thanks for the heads up. but even with only half of the e-mails available the new have b i papers reveal that from the get go key people had no doubt the server compromised classified material i have personally reviewed hundreds of documents in the h. r. c. collection i can now say without reservation that there are literally hundreds of classified emails in this collection maybe more when this collection is released in its entirety the potential damage to the foreign relations of the united states could be significant one of the reviewers of the clinton then intelligence community inspector general charles mccullough testified in the senate that documents beyond top secret were stored on the north the right server is what
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happened next it was personal blowback to me to my family to my office i was told by members of congress be careful you're losing your credibility are people at the get to there was an effort on the certainly on the part of the campaign to mislead people in the sense that there was nothing to see here. the clinton campaign released a statement in two thousand and fifteen claiming that none of the e-mails had been classified at the time and were only assigned levels of secrecy as a result of the investigation yet the f.b.i. knew everything from the panic signs setting in over the secrecy of the information and handled by this to the clean up crew admitting a cover up but eventually james komi sided with clinton although there is evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the handling of classified information our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such
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a case although the department of justice makes final decisions on matters like this we are expressing to justice our view that no charges are appropriate in this case well this is been the problem all along i mean we had james komi who was practically a criminal accomplice in helping hillary evade prosecution or conviction or even charges for what she did and this is this is not even. a minute factor this is the main factor is that the f.b.i. is no longer an objective and i guess you could say ethical law enforcement agency . recently released testimony from the f.b.i. says top lawyer suggests that high ranking clinton supporters gave the bureau conspiratorial information on alleged trump russia collusion it was during the twenty sixteen presidential campaign as well as after trump became president according to james baker's testimony clinton linked officials discussed wiretapping trump as it talked about the possibility of the f.b.i.
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using the twenty fifth amendment seen as a way for congress and the cabinet to remove the president for the new york times allegedly also involved like you said that he felt extremely uncomfortable about developments from the very beginning. i had a jaundiced eye about everything i had skepticism about all this stuff and was concerned about all of this this whole situation was horrible and was not will and who were trying to figure out what to do and was highly unusual political commentator who you know rivera told us that the story raises questions about some prominent democrats. when you have that many people who are tied to hillary clinton trying to pass off these phony stories to the intelligence community i think that the fact that you know christopher steele there michael sussman who was hillary clinton's lawyer there glenn simpson of fusion g.p.s. did all of these people had this access so easily or and to people that are high up in the justice department in the intelligence community is particularly
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concerning especially in light of what you know you were speaking about wiki leaks earlier all the information that came out in the summer of twenty sixteen the fact that the dia and c. did everything they could to rig the primary nomination in favor of hillary clinton undermining bernie sanders so once she got the nomination then she went immediately to work you know in terms of trying to manufacture the discrediting of her opponent . back to our top story now the huge fires engulfed the iconic dr dam cathedral in paris officials say that the main part of the structure has been quote saved and preserved it includes the two towers of the north belfry however the roof and spire have collapsed and the three mediæval rose windows are believed to have also been destroyed there are numerous priceless works inside the building and five crews have been trying to save as many of them as possible around four hundred
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firefighters are working at the scene one of them has reportedly suffered severe injuries because of the fire remains unknown but officials have said that it might be linked to a large scale renovation project that was ongoing president's minute tweeted not paris in flames the motion of the whole nation let's go out to all catholics and all french people who are compassionate i am sad tonight to see this part of us. merry paris and those residents of the capitol to stay away from the security perimeter. around the gothic church. a prominent palestinian activist has been prevented from flying to the u.s. from israel and despite having a valid visa omar barghouti is the co-founder of a movement to boycott israel and end what it considers the jewish state's oppression of palestine we spoke to him to hear his story. i was. prevented from boarding a flight. airport because under instructions from the u.s.
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consulate u.s. immigration have burned me from entering the u.s. despite having a valid visa and valid travel documents we see this as outsourcing it's my current fear antidemocratic repression against that b.d.s. movement for human rights in palestine to the united states the u.s. administration has been mobilized now to do israel's bidding in trying to silence palestinian israeli and international human rights defenders who are active in this extremely important and very effective nonviolent b.d.'s movement. human rights groups have expressed outrage at washington's decision calling it the politicization of borders so far u.s. authorities refused to comment insisting all information relating to the case is confidential. well barghouti was traveling to the united states to take part in a speaking tour of several prominent universities they included panel discussions
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with policymakers and journalists are guilty cofounded the boycott divestment and sanctions movement known as b.d.s. back in two thousand and five it calls on the international community to stop supporting israel and its companies it also seeks to return west bank territory to palestinians in turn is relic uses the move into being and de semitic done dicho who's director of the jerusalem center for public affairs says that the decision to deny barghouti entry was not arbitrary. i think that is the that's the argument that we're hearing all over the place is that this is what they call the shutting of mouse in the and the closing of free and the prohibition of free speech but this is not the issue of omar barghouti omar barghouti from the united states point of view as a foreign agent with terror links the islamic jihad p f l p hamas and other designated terror get as asians by the united states in europe so they don't like to have those types of terror linked individuals coming into the united states to date more
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than half of all u.s. states have introduced laws that penalize boycotts against israel earlier in the year the senate passed a bill that allowed states to terminate contracts with entities that support the boycott movement is omar barghouti again he says that this legislation comes from fear the movement might be growing the u.s. supreme court ruled that boycotts for political social and economic change are considered free speech protected by the first amendment of the us constitution so all those twenty seven states are following orders basically but they're violating their own u.s. constitution we will challenge that we are challenging that in u.s. courts a.c.l.u. is challenging at least three states on their antidemocratic. laws and we think we will prevail. struggle israel is trying to suppress b.d.s. from above by passing laws because it has miserably failed to stop the immense
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growth of the movement at the grassroots level among the unions churches women's groups energy beauty groups and so on and so forth. the chinese tech giant while ways been making headlines for a lot of the wrong reasons in recent months amid claims its products help spy on countries for beijing and now the belgian center for cyber security says it's found no evidence the company's technologies pose any threat here to all of his details. the belgium center for cyber security the c c b of completed well the main part of their investigation into chinese telecommunications giant who are way they say that they pose no threat to the security in belgium to cyber security in belgium they say they will continue monitoring the situation however this whole investigation was started amid allegations that who are way products could be used for spying to date we do not have sufficient evidence to establish any thread coming from core of
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a final report on the issue will not be produced as yet because this edition is still going more neutered. prime minister sharon's michel hasn't made any statement as of yet he had said he would hold back comment until he heard from the c c b a that comment seemingly at the bottom of his to do pile right now but the one group that have been very vocal against who are away and continue to be very vocal is the united states now allegations coming from the u.s. leveled at the chinese telecommunications giant include that they are spying on governments for beijing that they're stealing intellectual property that they used in money laundering and in bank wire fraud as it stands across the e.u. there's no unifying attitude towards who are way products here in germany there was draft legislation put forward that would make. a increased standards on telecommunication companies operating within germany and as it stands that could
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push our way out of the market that prompted applause from the united states saying we need more like this police it's hard to see how chinese technology would meet that standard at this point we're looking for governments to adopt security standards like we're seeing in germany however the standards laid out in the draft proposal by the german government aren't that difficult for who a way to live up to and then of course there was also the incident that followed the u.s. telling germany that they shouldn't use a product that prompted angle of merkel the german chancellor to say you don't tell us whose products we should be using for our own security methods what we're hearing though from the chinese side from who are way themselves is they deny all of the allegations and charges that are being brought against them. british and this is. just.
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the. this is going to continue for some time yet though the big question that's being asked is all these concerns that are being raised by the united states a genuine concern for the security of their european allies or is it more along the lines of they want to cut the chinese telecommunications giant out of the market and convince their european partners that for security services they should buy u.s. products as glamorous joseph chang thinks the findings by the cyber security center could mean the e.u. doesn't now follow the u.s. ban. well during. the three
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he held in the. country not only the american boy core of why worry at the moment he brought him in. if you. are right i'm in agreement. on a pivot we even know allowing european union we. now know we need a government who. might go back there and no american agreement. who the date of the war very likely. reminds of our top story a fire continues to rage at the not cathedral in paris the spire and part of the roof of collapse the mediæval rows windows have been destroyed but officials say
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that the main part of the structure has been saved and preserved including the two towers as the mark wrong is just given a statement saying that the worst had been avoided and that quote we will rebuild not together you praise the five trees for their courage of professionalism in saving the belfry towers in human snoopers priceless works inside the building factories had been trying to protect as many as possible around four hundred firefighters worked at the scene one of them has reportedly suffered severe injuries because of the fire is unknown but investigators are now saying it may have started in the scaffolding that have been set up for a long running repair work keep you up to date as the situation develops. the world health organization says that cases of measles worldwide have risen three hundred percent in the first. months of twenty nineteen compared to the same period last year it comes as the united nations children's fund unicef is sounding the
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alarm over the spread of anti vaccination narratives father what some messenger service and other social media platforms claims that it's led to a sharp rise in people refusing vaccinations in india and hence an elevated risk of a disease outbreak you have seen a phenomenon over the emerging is the use of social media and use of mass media to spread rumors regarding greg soon and that there are going to select and how do. we saw down on social media and want to know that instead of by then you are in a state lake drought which is invested in india and i don't barge like that believe it was predominately from that already know someone seen we're going to preemptive steps in working with ignore liberal government but i'm going to media alderling during the hour but individual media and own dotted with positive stories going to do with that information and counter it with the messaging in the public space.
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according to reports in some cases schools have prevented health officials from vaccinating students on new delhi parents are opposing vaccinations due to rumors spread mainly through whatsapp and facebook some of the false messages claim vaccines are linked to autism and other disorders. every year more than a hundred thousand people die from measles around the world a third of the cases occur in india according to unicef another type of communicable disease rubella causes tens of thousands of birth defects in the country every year social media lawyer cohen explains how misinformation is being spread. in india it is this to maybe live it did they are about three hundred million users so the influence of the media is absolutely incredible each piece becoming one of the most common sources of communication in the country now the reason why facebook acquired wats up was in order to gather more in moral data
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about people like for example a situation where a person is being saint and the vaccination propaganda does personally three likely later on in do day to see more material a bond of exhumations appearing on facebook is about the interaction between different apps did facebook cause we choose our facebook each of what's up in instagram so the results system here. facebook is good the power. to stop at least to an extent because one platform feeds the other up. in is not alone in falling victim to fake news about vaccinations this year the u.s. registered on the biggest outbreaks of measles in almost two decades something that's being put down to misinformation posted on various social media platforms facebook for its part has already found to reduce the ranking of groups and pages
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that spread and vaccine messages. activist and technology expert bill new told us that regulating platforms like what's up is going to be a tall order. i think it's very difficult to have some catch all regulation that covers all sorts of card types of content that might be harmful that actually caters for the different nuances between different cultures and all the different sort of messaging platforms and communications media obviously you have some communications techniques and platforms that one to many and facebook or twitter would come to mind you have others that are more one to one the sort of individual communication that we see is more private there are ethical dilemmas in terms of the extent to which we're going to truly don't know the extent to which we're going to monitor it and on top of that many of the platforms the focus on one to one communication all the very platforms that are in incorporating some form and encrypted at this point and encryption is going to make it absolutely impossible
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and therefore i think there are technical and at legal issues here that are going to be very difficult to breach. and you had the sudanese military council has been named just a day after its previous chief stepped down comes amid a major political upheaval in the country that seen a military coup to topple longtime leader. abdel fattah news now effectively in charge is a veteran soldier the former chief of the country's ground forces could have to report see oversaw sending troops to yemen as part of the saudi led coalition. meanwhile declared its support for the transitional military council headed by the new chief. the kingdom declares its support for the steps announced by the council in preserving and prosperity and stands by the sudanese people and hopes that this will achieve security and stability for brotherly sudan. according to local and yemeni media sudan as at least three thousand ground troops and several fighter
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jets fighting in yemen as part of the saudi led alliance dozens of sudanese soldiers have been killed in coastal battlefronts the war in yemen has been ongoing since twenty fifteen and led to the world's worst humanitarian crisis according to the u.n. started a coalition was blamed for killing and injuring more than seventeen thousand civilians but says that it only targets militants i spoke with me as a q.b. editor of the pan-african newswire who thinks that saddam plays the central role in the war in yemen. well clearly with the intervention of the soldiers from sudan this is been a key component of this war which in fact is coordinated by the kind of guy against the people of yemen this is purely designed to prevent the answer a lot of the so-called movement from gaining total consolidation of the political framework in yemen thousands of people have died hundreds of thousands
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have been displaced we have the largest humanitarian crisis known today in the world of the largest outbreak of cholera is a direct result of this war they have bombed housing complexes hospitals schools ports and other massive infrastructure in yemen that is an outrageous situation that has to end as soon as possible. american fast food chain chick fil a has been banned from a number of u.s. supports after sun to express support for the biblical definition of the family unit something that didn't fly with the community.
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everyone has a place here and everyone should feel welcome when they walk through our airport. the views of chick fil a do not represent our state and businesses that support discrimination have no place operating in taxpayer funded public facilities. we know that this is a strong man inclusive community we need to make sure. business is the respect these values. sure i'm aware of their beliefs but i personally get a kick out of thinking how each time i walk in there they've served my gate. it's good. if they aren't willing to give up a burger they aren't going to give up their tickets. so why do you think you can change their mind this is childish.
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brandon structure from the activist group that minority views on the story. combined with the basics norms that we established for the city are. restaurants open and i believe that in this case and six. they do not align with. the city and the state where the restaurant was going to be open responsibility to citizens and civil rights activists and artists to protest and to boycott things that we do not align with and to raise our voice to talk about these issues that are very important and do not say it's a market at this point the gay community is causing a lot of problem which is completely unnecessary there was a time when chick fil a and other organizations supported more traditional religious values which sometimes are in opposition to the gay communities quest for
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a marriage equality but marriage equality has been the law of the land in the united states since two thousand and fifteen thanks to the decision by the supreme court and so at this point there is no rational reason for any gay rights fruits or any gay organizations to be bullying threatening calling for boycott it doesn't matter where we put our money consumers and our citizens and as immigrants in my case in the united states because that money goes into actions that they support those corporations but also as individuals in the case of the c.e.o. putting their values putting rather their money where their values are and i do not subscribe to their values and being used in extended on these types of protests and putting their focus on you know american businesses and institutions like chick fil a our you know religious organizations could be so much better used in trying to
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combat homophobia around the globe around the world. and this is the scene at this very moment in central paris this is autopsy. throughout the evening a fire continues to rage at the not a down cathedral in paris you can see the jets of water there just extinguishing the final remnants of this blaze. it's taking its toll though on not to down the spire part of the roof of collapsed the mediæval rows windows have been destroyed officials say that the main part of the structure that has been saved and preserved including the two towers is the mantra is just given a statement that said that the worst had been avoided and that quote we will rebuild not to gether he praised the fire crews for their courage and professionalism in saving the belfry towers their numerous priceless works inside the building fire crews have been trying to protect as many as possible around four hundred firefighters worked at the scene one reportedly suffered severe injuries
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because of the foreign means unknown but investigators are now saying it may have started in scaffolding which is part of long running repair work we'll bring you updates on the story as they come in. and staying with our team just three minutes time my colleague dan hawkins will bring you the very latest. montes holiday on how to have an international memorial awards twenty nineteen are now open for entries. media professionals are eligible whether you are a freelance journalist work for alternative media or part of a global news conference to participate in sunday published works and video all written phlox go to award dot altie dot com and enter now. bests drugs were at her cocaine as were four books with the under thirty the
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everybody used. cocaine you can smoke it this is worth fifteen thirty. twenty. came to this is about a fifteen dollar bet and people smoked this one figures. you can find these drugs in any city in the united states that you walk along issue or negative about to. make money. and that's what i do every day. on this edition of the program we discussed one in one issue only the feet of julia song and the fate of journalism itself.
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santa state actor will begin mining big point for strategic reserve purposes and the hash wars will be played out on a state level and that'll take us to a new all time highs as we get closer to the projects we made on this show back in two thousand and eleven when the price was a dollar that will see one hundred thousand dollars. because. we came here where did you work before you came here when you live well. in many us states capital punishment is still practiced convicted prisoners can spend years waiting for execution but most of the time the victims' families they are very much in favor the death penalty there are some people because of what they do have given up the right to live among us some even proven innocent years on death row and how many more exonerations is it going to take before we as a society realize that this is not working and we actually do something about.
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the huge fire engulfed in the cathedral in paris bringing down the roof. officials though say the main part of the structure has been saved. let's just off the job it's sad to say for the world as frost reels from the shock of the cathedral fire. headlines with judas saws now in jail for an politicians hold a media conference outside to show their support for a man they see as a hero look at the media's shock over the whistleblower. and human rights organizations cry foul off for palestinian activists there's been no entry to the u.s. we spoke to obama.


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